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-  Port Canaveral Cruises
Nearby Attractions
Astronaut Hall of Fame
Grasshopper Airboat Rides
Jungle Adventures
Kennedy Space Center
Movie Listings
Speed World
Lone Cabbage Fish Camp
Orange County Raceway
U.S. Space Camp
Warbird Air Museum
Waterford Lakes
Oviedo Marketplace
-  Dixie Crossroads
River Run Christian Church
Wedgefield Church
University of Central Florida
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Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority
Florida Hospital - East Orlando
Florida Hospital - Winter Park
Parrish Medical Center
Orange County Fire Rescue
Police Department
State Fire Marshall

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Monday, January 20, 2020  - Welcome Back!
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NASA Launches
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- Brixham Run - Submit your news items here!
- Glenwood Run - Submit your news items here!
- Huntington Run - Submit your news items here!
- Mayfair Run - Submit your news items here!
- Teton Stone Run - Submit your news items here!
- Weymouth Run - Submit your news items here!
- Windsor Place - Submit your news items here!
- Wyndham Green - Submit your news items here!
- Yorkshire Run - Submit your news items here!
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-  Bus Schedule
Adelphia Communications
Post Office
Orange County Library System
Florida Information Resource Network
Sentinel Newspaper Changes

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